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Writing Samples

You want content that ranks well in Google and makes the rounds on social media.
The kind of content that engages your audience and encourages them to click, buy, subscribe, or all of the above.


I get it. That’s exactly the kind of writing I love to do.


Browse through my writing samples below. If you think I’m a good fit for your project, let’s talk.

Personal Wellness | Ro

Have you ever wondered what makes some people more successful in life than others? While many things contribute to a person’s success, top performers tend to share one particular thing in common: mental toughness.

Personal Wellness Writing Sample

FinTech | Zip

Cart abandonment: it’s the bane of every retailer’s existence. The good news is that many abandoned carts can be recovered. Retailers just need to take advantage of the right tools and messaging.

FinTech Writing Example

Technology | Nextiva

App fatigue is bad enough when you’re dealing with it on a personal level. But when it happens in the workplace, it can destroy productivity, lower employee morale, and even hurt your bottom line. Here are 4 ways to solve the problem.

Technology Writing Sample

Health Writing | Ro

Do you have dark circles and bags under your eyes? If so, you’re not alone. Having dark circles is a common and often normal part of being a human. Learn what causes them and what you can do to minimize their appearance.

Health Writing Sample

Online Marketing | Search Engine Journal

Header tags are HTML tags that tell a browser what styling it should use to display a piece of text on a webpage. Header tags are a simple yet critical part of SEO. Use them wisely and you’ll please the search engine gods, as well as your users.

Online Marketing Writing Sample

Long-Form Guide | Knoji

If you want to successfully stand up a website that looks good—in a short amount of time and with the fewest headaches possible—you’ll need to rely on a few tools. Consider this your seven-step guide for starting a website.

Long-Form Guide Writing Sample
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